Richard has been editing professionally for over 10 years. He has edited a variety of work, which includes documentary, corporate, music videos, trailers, cinema releases, online commercials for a variety of advertising, marketing, independent television companies. Richard can creatively offline and online using Finals Cut pro 7 and Premiere CC pro.

Corporate Showreel

BBC World


Elektramentry – Trailer from the feature documentary
Produced and Directed by Howard S Marks
Offline and online Editor Richard Winearls

Some Day I’ll Find You
Produced and Directed by Barney Snow
Edited by Sheryl Sandler and Lucy Harris
Additional offline editing and online editor/sound: Richard Winearls
Music: Tom Green

Official re-release cinema trailer
‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’
Editor: Richard Winearls

Songs of Georgia

WOE trailer – Edited/motion graphics Richard Winearls
WOE series – edited by Keith Brookshaw

Tango Movement promotional video

Affinitor – Corporate video

Prionics – Corporate video

Financial Marketing


UN Suspiro

Livan – Where I bleed
Editor/camera operator/ Richard Winearls

Laura Welsh – Nothing Worth Loving live
Editor Richard Winearls
Cameramen Richard Winearls and Beau Fowler