About W.O.E

At some point in the future, the We Own Everything Corporation uses genetically modified girls to monitor the internet on behalf of governments and corporations who want to stamp out independent voices. Ariel 237, the latest GM model, decides to rebel.

The W.O.E Corporation is the ultimate Multi-National company: We Own Everything Corporation.

And to keep everything it owns and the rest of the world under its control it has developed the ultimate worldwide web security-spy system.

WOE’s scientists have created Ariel 237, a programme that will surf the net 24/7 seeking out and deleting anything W.O.E considers unsuitable or deviant. Ariel 237 is the world’s ultimate censoring machine. Governments around the world are being persuaded to buy this miracle coding that will enable them to take total control of their people, unaware that it also enables the W.O.E corporation to hack into the inner workings of every regime on the planet, giving it total control of the world and beyond.

The Ariel 237 programme is implanted within the cell structure of a specially created, genetically modified humanoid. There have been many Ariel prototypes, with one or two teething troubles. But now W.O.E is ready to unveil Ariel 237, confident that “She” will rid the world of all things deemed anarchic by the corporation.

However, Ariel 237’s creator, leading W.O.E scientist, Dad Daddy has not quite cracked it yet. Having performed perfectly in trials, fatal flaws in Ariel 237’s make-up are now beginning to show. She is developing an interest in the forbidden channels and exhibiting sympathies for the rebels and free thinkers.

Ariel 237 has a plan to create a replica of herself to fool the ever watchful Director of W.O.E, President Stick, and to escape the confines of her POD. She is gathering a growing band of followers all with the aim of taking down W.O.E. If the shareholders of W.O.E discover there is a possibility of malfunction in the job, then the lives of the President and all W.O.E personnel involved will be in jeopardy.

With the President, a Nanny and a Virtual Family watching her every move, will the Joan of Arc of the micro chip world survive deletion herself and find freedom? Or will she join the ranks of her predecessors and be annihilated?


Richie Winearls and Grant Oatley first found fame at the Glastonbury Festival with their quirky and ungodly show ‘The Cosmic Penis’ before launching it onto the London Fringe scene. Winearls went on to write and direct spoof horror Spag (possibly the only film featuring killer spaghetti). He followed this with the award winning feature, The Imitators (a film about bungling bank robbers), both taken onto the roster of Troma Films. Oatley became an actor and had success in TV and theatre before returning to his first loves – music and timber. When Winearls first had the idea for W.O.E he approached his amigo and once more the two united in a drafty Devon barn to create the W.O.E show, an homage to their mental instability.

W.O.E a unique online sitcom, fusing satire and social commentary with a showcase for new talent from the film making and music industries, and a chance for the Youtube generation to provide previously unseen material.

These six minute episodes detail the protagonist Ariel’s struggle to escape from her corporate prison. During the course of her monotonous daily work she must trawl through hours of online content to prise and detect out the illegal sites that threaten W.O.E’s breach of security.

The show has a broad appeal for anyone with a unstable sense of humour and will be available to download automatically to your mobile phone through downloading an app or accessing and registering on the main W.O.E site which will give you access to the episodes.

The show offers the user an interactive relationship with the makers and Ariel-237

Users will be able to send in content ideas and video content for consideration to be included in the show

Online Competitions and quizzes, winning guest appearances on the show.

Film placements for students wanting to get into entertainment industry

Guest celebrity appearances

Auditioning for the new face of Ariel -237

Featuring new music clips from bands and record companies

Online blog with Ariel-237

Clips and photo’s

W.O.E on demand, watching full episodes with a day or week pass

Community and News

A Shop, selling WOE merchandise

Future Episodes

(1) Ariel 237 is captivated by the video ‘Total Gambling’ by the two Professors. With no time to waste she gets hooked on horse racing and poker, studying the form and mastering a little cheating. Ariel accumulates cash to buy her replica arm, another step towards her escape. But her excitement and greed lead to losing her winnings. President Stick punishes her with extra therapy sessions. Ariel blames her family and demands group therapy. During the session she deftly manages to take out a loan to purchase her new arm. Dad Daddy interrupts the proceedings and announces that maintenance work on Ariel is due and that she has been scheduled for an up-grade – and a little face-lift.

(2) While President Stick talks to his shareholders on the so-called success of Ariel 237, Ariel names her arm ‘Trevor’. She constructs a hole in the console to hide Trevor and follows the ‘How To keep’ instructions. Secretly connecting some wires to Trevor from the computer, she builds a facial profile and voice for Trevor. Ariel scours the internet searching for a real user’s profile. Her choice is a bad one as she has uploaded a Union Rep who is making many demands, slapping Ariel until they’re met. Ariel, not amused by Trevor’s new personality decides to keep him under control with the use of tranquilizers.

(3) Whilst Ariel is exercising she falls, bangs her head and lies unconscious. The on screen Doctor and Net Nanny are unable to revive her. The ever watchful President Stick sends in a human Nurse. The Nurse revives Ariel. The Nurse stumbles as she leaves, and Ariel leaps up and handcuffs the two of them together. Ariel interrogates her about her life and what is there ‘outside’ of the Pod. It comes as a shocking surprise to her that life outside the corporation is not full of rioting extremists, but mostly young people playing internet games and old people with cats.

(4) Ariel is nervously preparing for her up-grade. She is sedated and a hair-drying contraption is lowered over her head. She has a dream, which turns into a nightmare: no one recognises her anymore. As Ariel’s eyes open the computer phone is ringing and she answers it in a different voice. Mover, the leader of a hacking syndicate tells her that her look has altered. She looks in the mirror and screams. President Stick is full of glee with the new makeover. Trevor stirs and starts knocking at the pen door demanding food. With an electric jolt Ariel returns to her normal duties.

(5) Ariel comes across an illegal frequency transmitted from a young woman’s bedroom. Helen, the young woman, delivers, a damning critique of human genetic modification gone badly wrong. Ariel scans for more info and comes across an extraterrestrial still on hold. She begins to wonder about her own biological background and talks with the Alien, seeking more info. Ariel hacks into the W.O.E database and glimpses some hidden top-secret files. Alarms have gone off in the W.O.E Corporation and President Stick is searching for the culprit. Ariel’s friends start to disappear. Feeling guilty Ariel acts, but is switched Offline while President Stick and his hit squad are randomly erasing the illegal frequencies.

(6) Trevor with other motives has persuaded Ariel that she is entitled to holiday pay to make plans for her retirement with a good healthy pension and insurance. She comes across a leaked videoconference of world leaders discussing the repression of alternative power sources in order to optimise oil revenue. Ariel is envious when she discovers Helen wants to join the Mover as one of his apostles. But all she can do is dodge the system and enter the online competition ‘Dance With An Alien’. Ariel is speed tested on her work performance and a decision is made about the future of DAD DADDY at the Corporation.

Contact: Richard Winearls for more information on +44 7930 903689
or at woe.corporation@gmail.com